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We are commited to providing quality service to all of our clients. To ensure your property is marketed to an optimum level and receives high market value, the following services will be performed as needed.

1. View and Photo Home, Judge How to Market Home.
2. Agree on Price, Terms and Financing.
3. Submit Listing to MLS.
4. Install Sign and Lockbox.
5. Create Marketing Plan.
6. Create 'Just Listed' Flyers.
7. Pitch Your Listing at Office Meetings.
8. Schedule Office Tour.
9. Create Brochures.
10. Place 'Open House' Ad in Local Papers.
11. Place Video on
12. Place Listing on
13. Place Listing on
14. Phone All Potential Buyers with Details of Listing.
15. Show Home to interested Qualified Buyers.
16. Fax/Email all Brokers with information on new listing.
17. Hold Open House for Brokers.
18. Follow up on Open House for Brokers.
19. Review comments with you.
20. Hold Open House for Public.
21. Follow Up on Open House for Public.
22. Review comments with you.
23. Give You a Status Report.
24. Go Over Any Changes.
25. Review Pricing and Marketing Strategy with you.
26. Create New Marketing Plan.
27. Negotiate All Offers with you.
28. Solve any Title Problems.
29. Resolve Inspection/Appraisal Requirements.
30. Expedite Repair Problems.
31. Bring Property to Successful Close!

The Associates in my office are Highly Educated, Qualified, Motivated, Experienced, and Professional. We are here to answer any Real Estate questions you may have. For the associate on duty call 405-912-1000 and press 0, ask for Tamara, or Ross or Diana or para espanol oprima el numero uno, para Diana!!

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